​NIRSA also hosts some regional and national tournaments around the country in different sports.  It is titled the NIRSA Championship Series and offers tournaments in flag football, soccer, tennis, and basketball.

You can be apart of these tournaments in a multitude of different ways!  First off, you could play by signing up when registration opens, you can officiate, volunteer, or you can be part of a committee.  Most of the tournaments have the following committees: all-tournament, operations, officials development, and a sub-committee of students involved with officiating.  For more information on the championship series click here.

Interview Help

​Need help preparing for those big interviews coming up?  Well have we got the help you need!  Take a gander at the two sets of interview questions below to prepare for some of the questions you will most likely hear in your next interview!

This set gives you a lengthy list of questions! Interview Questions Set​ (nirsa.org)

This set also has great questions but also has tips for during your interview and what employers and interviewers look at.  This resource will help you no matter what type of interview you are looking at: Phone, Skype, or In-Person use these tips to nail that interview! Interview Questions and Tips (nirsa.org)

​For resume help, cover letter insight, and career assessment guidance, see the NIRSA webpage and click the links of the bottom of the page.

If you want your resume review by professionals around the state or a mock interview set up, put your name on this list and we will contact you get your resume or set up a mock interview! Click, Resume/Mock Interview

At the Regional Level

  • Attend Lead On Conference
  • Present at Lead On
  • ​Regional Tournaments
  • Region III Student Leader

What's this NIRSA thing?

NIRSA's mission is: "NIRSA is a leader in higher education and the advocate for the advancement of recreation, sport, and wellness by providing educational and developmental opportunities, generating and sharing knowledge, and promoting networking and growth for our members." (nirsa.org)

You may be asking yourself, what does that mean for me?  You can become a member of NIRSA which provides a multitude of opportunities for you: Discounts from partners, Limited access to NIRSA’s research data, Discounts on NIRSA professional development events, Network through NIRSA Connect: Discussion forum & resource library, Access NIRSA’s Member directory, Voting privileges, Eligibility for NIRSA awards and scholarships.  You want more information or you want to register click here.


All this talk about conferences, but what if you don't even know about any of them!  Well we have a nice list for you that will provide a good starting point on a number of the conferences available for you.  Each conference listed is linked so that you can easily access more information about the conference you would like to attend.  Although some of these conferences have already happened, most of them are yearly and you can always go the next time a conference comes around!

​                                WIRSA                                                                Intramural Institute, Summer 2016

                                Region III Lead On                                             Sport Club Institute, Summer 2017

                                MidWest FitFest                                                 Emerging Recreation Sports Leadership Conference

                                NIRSA                                                                AORE (Association for Outdoor Rec and Ed) 


                                2016 NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute        AND MANY MORE!! CHECK NIRSA.ORG 

National Level

  • Join Mentorship Program (click here)
  • Attend NIRSA conferences
  • Apply for NIRSA assembly and committees
  • Present at NIRSA
  • Volunteer/Officiate National Tournaments

Attention All Students!!! FREE MONEY!!!!!!

Did that get your attention!?  There are scholarships available for all students looking to attend conferences and other professional development opportunities.  Utilize this option especially if you believe money will be an issue in developing professionally.  Also, the WIRSA scholarship can be used for any other professional development opportunity, not just the ones listed below.  See the links below to apply today! Also, check with your school for additional funding opportunities.

WIRSA: WIRSA Student Development Scholarship

Region III Lead On: Look for information for 2017 Lead On in Carbondale, Illinois

​NIRSA: Look for information for NIRSA 2017 in National Harbor, Maryland

* * WIRSA Scholarship can be used towards NIRSA 2016 * *

Hey Students, What are you doing this summer?

​Summer Internships are available for you if you want to build your resume and work for a college recreation department for the summer.  Stay tuned for more information on the internships available throughout the country.


Student Resources

This page is designed to allow students one spot to gather all the information they need to get involved with Collegiate Recreation on their campus and around the country.  This Student Resource section will provide involvement opportunities,  scholarships, conferences to attend, interview help, and more information on our national organization, NIRSA.  Please use the information below for your benefit and let us know if you have any additional questions!

Wisconsin Intramural-Recreational Sports Association

Open Graduate Assistantships in Region III

Quincy University                                                                                            Qunicy, Illinois

1 Position in: Intramurals, Club Sports, and Facilities Management

University of Akron                                                                                              Akron, Ohio

3 Positions in: Fitness & Wellness, Informal Recreation, and Outdoor/Marketing

Other Position throughout the country can be found at: http://www.bluefishjobs.com/jobs/?keywords=&type=part-time&type=temp-to-full-time&sort= 

Gaylord Palms, Site for NIRSA 2016

Other Ways To Get Involved!

​There are a ton of ways to get involved at your own campus or throughout the country.  See the list below for different opportunities that are available for you!

Within the State

  • Engagement Coordinator
  • Come to the state conference WIRSA
  • Session Monitor at WIRSA
  • Present at WIRSA
  • State Tournaments i.e. WIRSA Basketball
  • State Student Leader