Wisconsin Intramural-Recreational Sports Association


Selection committee

The selection committee will consist of the WIRSA Scholarship Committee as elected by members of the state association.  The State Director will act as an ex officio member, voting to break ties in the selection process.


As determined by committee standards, the maximum amount awarded to an applicant is based on the early registration fee for a student member from a member institution.  The number and amount of awards offered annually may vary, dependent upon the financial state of the scholarship fund.  Decisions will be left to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.  The recipient’s home institution and/or recipient is responsible for all other costs not covered by the scholarship.

application periods

Completed application materials must be RECEIVED NO LATER than 30 days prior to event.  If funding allows, scholarships will be awarded throughout the calendar year.  Students may apply for more than one opportunity per year; however, priority will be given to applicants who have not received any previous funding from the WIRSA Student Development Fund.

recipient obligations

  • Recipient must attend event or forfeit scholarship.
  • After providing the WIRSA Treasurer with proof of attendance, the recipient will be reimbursed in the dollar amount of the award. 
  • If appropriate, recipients are encouraged to serve in a volunteer capacity while attending the event (work registration table, introduce speakers, monitor sessions, etc.).


​All candidates who submitted complete applications will receive electronic notification of scholarship winners upon completion of selection process.


All inquiries may be directed to Therese Kennedy, WIRSA Scholarship Committee Chair, at 262.472.1145 or kennedyt@uww.edu.
Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students or completing an internship at a Wisconsin institution during the academic term (fall semester, spring semester, or summer session) for which funds are received; OR
  • Consideration may be given to candidates who apply the term immediately following graduation.
  • Employed by the campus recreational sports program at current institution and/or enrolled in a degree program studying recreation or a related field; OR
  • Serve as a leader or member for campus recreation-related committee or club team.
  • Maintain a professional representation of self, program/department, and institution.
  • Individuals who are working in a full-time and/or professional position are not eligible, regardless of student status.


Application requirements

Applicants must complete the following steps NO LATER than 30 days prior to event (due to the quick turnaround from the start of the academic year to the WIRSA State Conference, applications will be accepted through September 15th for those interested in attending ):
  • Meet eligibility requirements stated above.
  • Have supervisor/instructor submit WIRSA Student Development Scholarship recommendation form.
  • Submit current resume and items listed below as attachments to Therese Kennedy at kennedyt@uww.edu:
    • itemized budget to include registration fee, travel mode and cost, lodging and meal fees;
    • itemized list of additional funding sources, such as scholarships and/or institutional funding;
    • list of student development opportunities experienced on your campus, in your community, and at the state, regional, and/or national level;
    • list and explanation of previous leadership experiences;
    • list and explanation of your work capacity in recreational sports on your campus; if included on your resume, indicate “see resume”; if not indicated on resume, please list and explain;
    • in 250 words or less, briefly explain how you became involved in the field of recreational sports, what your current level of involvement is, and the benefits you derive from your involvement; and
    • in 250 words or less, briefly explain what benefits you will gain from the student development opportunity applied for, what unique qualities you will bring to the experience that will benefit others in attendance, and how you will share your new knowledge with your campus upon return from your experience. 

selection criteria

Applicants will be equally rated on quality of application materials, leadership experiences, involvement in campus recreational sports, contributions to the recreation field at the community, state, regional, and/or national level, and association with WIRSA, NIRSA, and other related organizations. Priority will be given to applicants who are currently enrolled or completing an internship and to those who have not received any previous funding from the WIRSA Student Development Fund.


The WIRSA Student Development Scholarship was initiated to provide undergraduate and graduate students attending Wisconsin institutions the financial assistance to attend a student development opportunity to include, but not limited to, the WIRSA state workshop, NIRSA national conference, Student Lead-On, and state, regional, and national officials clinics/tournaments. Certifications are not eligible for the WIRSA Student Development Scholarship. This scholarship allows the Wisconsin State Association an opportunity to recognize those students who excel in their vocational pursuits by participating in experiences for personal and professional growth.

Student Development Scholarship