Wisconsin Intramural-Recreational Sports Association




Any current NIRSA professional member is entitled to an individual membership in WIRSA. Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the Association. Non-NIRSA members are welcome to participate in the Association's activities, but do not have a vote at any business meeting.

Any current student NIRSA member, graduate or undergraduate, is entitled to student membership in WIRSA. Student members shall receive all newsletters, shall be entitled to attend all meetings and may hold appointive positions on committees. Student members shall not be eligible to vote on official business at any state business meeting, nor can they hold an elective office.


WIRSA is a professional association dedicated to promoting and enhancing the quality of recreational sports programs in various settings throughout Wisconsin. This may be accomplished through professional meetings, publications, and/or other methods for the dissemination of ideas. All policies and activities shall be consistent with the philosophy of the NIRSA.