Wisconsin Intramural-Recreational Sports Association


WIRSA State BasketbalL Tournament

Official's Information

​UW-River Falls Campus Recreation is excited to host the 2020 WIRSA State Basketball Tournament on February 28-29.  Not only is this tournament designed for Intramural Sports and Sport Club level teams to showcase their skills against other teams from the region, but it is also setup for student officials to gain valuable experience and feedback from professionals in the field to fine-tune their skills.

Tournament Officials will learn mechanics and positioning of the 3-person system while also working on their overall officiating skills.  Clinicians will help officials with positioning, court coverage, reporting, and overall management of the contest.  Evaluations will be given throughout the tournament to help officials improve their skills.  Top officials will be selected to work the Men's and Women's Championship contests on Saturday night. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to officiate at the tournament?

  • Interested officials must complete the online Official's Application by January 31, 2020.  The Official's Committee will review applications and select officials to work the tournament after January 31.

How much do officials get paid to work the tournament?

  • As mentioned above, the tournament is designed for students to gain experience and valuable feedback more than it is for them to make money.  We will pay all officials a $50 stipend as well as provide a free event shirt, multiple meals, snacks, drinks, and and lodging (if needed) on Friday, February 28th.

What should I bring?

  • All officials will need to have a whistle, black and white stripes, officiating pants (not shorts), black shoes, and a desire to learn.

Do I need to stay on-site when I'm not officiating?

  • ​We would prefer you do.  If you need to leave for any reason, please make sure you let one of the Lead Clinicians know.  Otherwise, we would encourage you to stay and watch you fellow officials as you can learn just as much from watching as you do from working.