How to Motivate Student Employees with a Recognition Program that Works!

Room: Walnut Room

Presenters: Jamie Grenoble - UW-Milwaukee, Assistant Director of Student Employment and Development Programs, Deb Swanson - Marquette University, Associate Director

We all know that student employees are critical for recreation departments to offer quality programming and services. So how do we increase their motivation levels so our programs and facilities can run successfully? This session will focus on the importance of student employee recognition programs, and tips on how to design an incentive program that works

Maximize your Fusion Tools

Room: Oak Room

Presenter: Tara Weber / InnoSoft Fusion

​The workshop will focus on reports, extracting data, communication tools (scheduling email reminders from Fusion), evaluating new features included for waivers, sharing best practice ideas from peers and a Q&A time. Participants will increase their knowledge of the communication tools within Fusion and build a communication to schedule for use with their members. Communication task leverages a custom query tool to help you define a broad or narrow list of member records to contact. Clients will identify 4 new features and applications for Fusion Waivers.  Clients will practice expert tips for manipulating Fusion data to create custom extracts for informing program and member management decisions.


Thursday, October 5th | 11:00 - 11:50am

NIRSA 101 

Room: Walnut Room

Presenter: Scott Vandermoon - Centers LLC at DePaul University, NIRSA Region III Director

Scott will give an overview of NIRSA and all aspects of the NIRSA world for new members.


Thursday, October 5th | 10:00 - 10:50am

NIRSA Strategic Planning Discussion

Room: Walnut Room

Presenter: Scott Vandermoon - Centers LLC at DePaul University, NIRSA Region III Director

​An environmental scan of collegiate recreation in preparation of NIRSA’s next strategic plan.

Outside the Lines – Unique IM Sports

Room: Hickory Room

Presenter: Casey Pivonka - UW-Green Bay, Recreation Program Coordinator

Marketing, training of staff and implementing a new sport offering can be difficult.  We will take a look at some unique intramural leagues offered at UW-Green Bay and how your school may benefit from some of the strategies we use to create some added hype.

How to Discuss What Matter Most

Room: Hickory Room

Presenter: Chad Schultz - UW-Madison, Assistant Director of Instructional Programs & Student Development

​Sometimes we have to have difficult conversations in life and at the workplace.  From the book, Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, this presentation will help to prepare you to effectively have difficult conversations in your life.

Creating Meaningful Assessment

Room: Walnut Room

Presenter: Aaron Kroth (UW-Madison, Asst. Dir. of Aquatics)

Have you been trying to get your assessment started? Not sure what really matters? During this session participants will learn how to start their assessment process and how to create meaningful data. By the end of the session participants will be able to: *Explain the differences between learning, programmatic, and operational outcomes. *Write a learning outcome for a program they offer. *Identify at least one resource, currently available to them, to collect data from.

Differences in Motivation and Grit between Experienced Exercisers’ vs. Inexperienced Exercisers’

Room: Oak Room

Presenter: Sam Craig - Carthage College, Manager of TARC & Campus Recreation

To learn how to motivate exercisers that are non-athletes. To learn the true difference in what gives some people the motivation to continually work out and why others struggle so much. 

Diversity and Identity in Campus Recreation 

Room: Oak Room

Presenters: Olivia Butts - Illinois State University

​This session will allow you to consider diversity on your campus by exploring your own identity. Diversity and inclusion are hot button topics, but what do they really mean? How does your identity affect biases that you may have? What can you do to create a well-informed, inclusive staff? How can you address events that happen in the “real-world” on your campus? This session will challenge you to consider your own worldview and identity, while giving you tangible activities and resources to use with your staff. No knowledge required - come with and open mind and ready to learn. 

Adventures in Team Building

Room: Hickory Room

Presenter: Ed Richmond - UW-Stevens Point, Recreation Coordinator

Join us for a creative, active, and fun session on helping your staff work better together using team building and experiential activities.  Be prepared to move around and be active!


Thursday, October 5th | 1:00 - 1:50pm

Sportsmanship: Making an Impact

Room: Oak Room

Presenter: Margaret Domka / National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)

Sportsmanship is a powerful topic in sport and this will be a powerful session. Athletes, officials, coaches, administrators, and essentially everyone involved in sport both impacts and is impacted by sportsmanship. This session will incorporate data about where we are with sportsmanship and where we are headed. We will explore what is being done and what can be done to provide a positive atmosphere of sportsmanship. Walk away from this session re-energized by the importance of the role each of us is playing, not only in sport, but in the worlds of today and tomorrow.

Wisconsin Intramural-Recreational Sports Association



Thursday, October 5th | 2:00 - 2:50pm

The “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Integrated with Staff Meetings and Development

Room: Hickory Room

Presenter: Brandon Altenburg (UW-Milwaukee, IM and Club Sports Coordinator)

Interested in including more discussion on transferrable skills during your staff trainings and meetings? Using the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as a guide, learn about short modules that can be added to regular staff trainings or meetings to educate students on those skills and their value in their own professional careers, while encouraging them to use the “Habits” throughout their shifts on campus.