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Fusion Open House

Room: 7480

Presenter: Tamara Speziali - InnoSoft Fusion 

​This session will be hosted by Tamara Speziali, InnoSoft’s lead trainer and support specialist.  Tamara will be leading session attendees through a series of on-demand tutorials, from configuring virtual access readers to setting up program instances for group fitness instructor check in.  Any additional topics can be covered by request during the session. 

Tamara will also do a quick demonstration of the new or up-coming features and functionality in Fusion, including Member Portal 2 (MP2) our new fully responsive e-commerce site and digital signature capture.

The Power of Protein 

Room: 7220

Presenter: Susan Kundrat - UW-Milwaukee 

This workshop will address optimal protein intake, protein timing, and high-quality protein options to maximize lean muscle mass and prevent sarcopenia as we age. 

Team Performance Training: How Sport Clubs can Reach the Next Level

Room: 7440

Presenter: Ryan Owen - UW- Madison

Learn how hiring a certified trainer can bring collaborative success for sports clubs and fitness programs. As exercise programming moves ever closer to performance based applications sport club teams can benefit by gaining a physical and mental edge over their competition.

Community Development through Student Recreation 

Room: 7230

Presenters: Marina Garcia, Paige Martin, Tony Dirth - UW-Oshkosh 

​UW Oshkosh Student Recreation has been building relationships with the campus community by involving them in the Intramurals and Outdoor Adventure programs. To successfully do this, we have created a unique student position responsible for engaging students in our programs throughout the year. In this session, we'll share the creation and goals of this program, detail job responsibilities, look at a yearly timeline, and invite others to discuss their ideas for campus community involvement..


Thursday, October 6th | 2:00 - 2:50pm

Intramural Trivia: A Non-Traditional Outreach for Campus Recreation

Room: 7220 

Presenter: Austin Schoen - Former UWM UREC Intramural Trivia Supervisor

​Is your Campus Recreation program looking for new, unique, and inclusive ways to reach more of the campus community that might not otherwise participate in your programs? In the last couple of years, UWM has created a successful and growing on-campus Intramural Trivia program that has gotten campus recreation programming in front of more of the student body. In this INTERACTIVE session (Rounds of Trivia Play Included!), find out how the program became successful, what it takes to implement an Intramural Trivia league, and how a Trivia program can help increase student involvement in Campus Recreation programs.

Student Networking Session

3:00 - 4:00pm

​Room: 7220

Developing a Positive Team Culture-Staff and Sport Clubs

Room: 7480

Presenters: Brandon Altenburg and Skyler Harmon - UW - Milwaukee

When working with student groups of staff or participants, one challenge is getting team dynamics to help the groups achieve their goals. More often than not, these dynamics hinder the overall performance rather than improving it. This session will look at a facilitation guide that Washington State University has been using to develop positive team culture's within each of their sport clubs. The tools, theory, and activities within the guide could also be utilized for staff teams, both student and professional. 

Ask Us, We've Been There!

Room: 7230

Presenters: Skyler Harmon, Brandon Altenburg - UW-Milwaukee and Paige Albrecht, Brook Hemstead, and Lucie Patrick - UW-Lacrosse

Are you thinking about attending graduate school? What about just trying to find a job after you graduate? Maybe even pondering a career in recreation? This panel, consisting of graduate students and new professionals, aims to relate to and help students understand some of the challenges and experiences they can expect to go through as they move forward in their lives. Topics such as interview preparation, the GA application process, and managing a work-life balance will all be discussed. Be sure to bring questions, as we're here to help you prepare for your future!

Stop. Collaborate and Listen

Room: 7480 

Presenters: Alec Triggiano, Doug Ream III, Racheal Weiland, Ryan Owen - UW-Madison 

​UW-Madison is currently undergoing a renovation on our play fields. Our professional intern staff has been chosen to organize and program for the grand opening for these fields. In doing this, the four interns plan to present on how we all, from different areas within the division, are able to collaborate and work together to present one finalized project. Instead of focusing on what is being done to the fields, we want to communicate to members of WIRSA the importance and necessity of being able to work together within your division, and how impactful it can be as a whole..


Thursday, October 6th | 1:00 - 1:50pm

I have a Crabby Customer, What do I do?

Room: 7240

Presenters: Jamie Grenoble and Barbara Wilson - UW-Milwaukee

Have you been a customer that has had a negative customer service experience? Or have you been the employee that was faced with a challenging customer? Chances are likely that you have been in one or both of these situations. This session will focus on how to create a positive experience for customers, and how to say no and still provide customer service, while providing a welcoming environment while at work. 

The Science for a Meaningful Life

Room: 7220

Presenter: Krisi Patterson - UW-Superior

​The Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkley Campus has done evidence based study after study proving that leading a giving and loving life can increase happiness and longevity for a healthier life!!! I attended the GGSC Summer Institute for Educators in July and will share the benefits of this lifestyle and how it helps educators in and out of the classroom to support the SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) that many of our current students are challenged with in the classroom and social settings that are vital for college survival! Join me!!!!!!

Does your Staff Know What to Do When They Hear: Shots Fired!, Hey, That Person Just Collapsed on the Treadmill!

Room: 7480

Presenters: Heath Powell and Sargent Brian Switala - UW-Milwaukee

When cries for help are heard, does your staff really know what to do? Is being trained in CPR/AED good enough, not quite! Additional training is needed and it's much simpler than you think! You will learn from UWM Police on active shooting and preparedness that is done here at UWM. You will learn some simple training and scenario tips on engaging student leaders in staff training for emergency preparedness.


Thursday, October 6th | 11:00 - 11:50am

Moving your Intramural Program to the Pay to Play Model!

Room: 7230

Presenters: Ashley Lax and Erik Jaeke - UW-Madison

Attendees will learn how to apply the pay to play registration model to an intramural sports program for increased revenue and participation from your student body. 

You've Made it Through Officials Training... What Next?

Room: 7220

Presenters: Doug Ream and Chad Schultz - UW-Madison

Student development is not just limited to training before the season starts for intramural officials. Learn about several ways to encourage development throughout the season and help your officials improve. We would like to share with you how Competitive Sports at the University of Wisconsin – Madison keeps officials engaged throughout the season and how we continue to develop students. By utilizing evaluations completed by student supervisors and an official’s website where they can review rules, manuals, case plays and videos, we believe we are encouraging officials to become better at what they do.

Personal Training Programs in the Collegiate Setting

Room: 7240

Presenters: Beth Northuis and Collin Gaie - UW-Stevens Point

Teaming up with academic programs can be a great experience for students to obtain on-the-job skills through a practicum course in Personal Training. Students are able to work through the ACSM certification materials, meet weekly to discuss topics, create comprehensive workout plans, and learn how to work one-on-one with clients.

NIRSA Institutional Data Set


Presenter: Aaron Kroth - UW- Madison

Are you looking for a benchmarking tool? Do you need to demonstrate how your vision sacks up with you NIRSA counterparts? The NIRSA Institutional Data Set is your place to go, and this presentation is your guide how to use it. ​​


Thursday, October 6th | 10:00 - 10:50am